Monday, June 16, 2008

It's all so us

On Thursday, bigB & I were over at a friend of ours who are moving to a different town; they had a few household things for sale and while BigB was doing some last minute, pre-move things on their computer they were discussing what all they had for sale. By the end of the night we had bought their fridge, stove and a bedroom set (triple dresser, armoir, 2 end tables, mirror, head board and double bed with frame) for $200 plus the bit of work BigB did for them.

Yesterday, we got home from church around 3:30 with a different couple friend of ours, ordered pizza and waited for one more friend to come. Once he came over, he and BigB went to get the fridge and stove but had no time to get the bedroom set as we all needed to be back at the church for a leadership meeting at 6:00.

Our friend, Y will be delivering the rest of the furniture to us anytime now. The girls will be getting the new dressers. We moved Rush's up into Bug's room and Bug's & Jellybean's are being taken back to the church to give to whichever of the new families needs it. The bed is going there too.

It has been a busy evening of getting clothes out and creating spaces for these dressers especially after working and all. bigB can't help as he had to be at a City Council meeting tonight so it was me and the kids and Y, whenever he gets here.

Bug has been in the way trying to help and not wanting to help when he could actually do something. The darn cat has been trying to hitch rides in empty drawers, empty dressers and just milling around our feet as we are walking backwards up the stairs. It's a good job she has 9 lives because I think she has used them all up tonight. Thankfully I had supper on first thing this morning (thank God for slow cookers) and we just used paper plates so there was not much clean up. I think Rush & I will be "done" after this shifting of furniture is over.

But I'll tell you what, it is nice to have a new stove, a fridge that seals and doesn't freeze what shouldn't be and freezes what should be and I am sure tomorrow it will be nice to have the new dressers as well. It will also be Rush's last day of school so there is comfort in that for her. Time to make some money off of dear old mom & dad & look after her brother & sister. It will be handy having someone here to start supper this week...the tent meeting starts on Wednesday.

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P.J. said...

I love getting new stuff. Lots of excitment, but lots of switcherooing!!

Congrats on the new things!