Friday, November 09, 2007

Smidge of an update

Parent-Teacher Interviews were last night for Rush and this was the first time we have ever attended a high school P/T interview. We managed to fit in 3 out of 5 teachers so I am thinking it was a mild success. The teachers we missed were the Phys. Ed. teacher and the Practical Applied Arts teacher; I think we covered the critical ones and they would have been icing. No icing on our cake this time.

The general theme/consensus (sp) of the teachers was that Rush needs to communicate better with her teachers. She doesn't ask for help if she doesn't quite get something and none of her teachers knew the "severity" of the health problems Rush has been having and the impact they are having on her schooling. They just weren't understanding why some of her work has been phenomenal and other work has been acceptable...

Overall, we were pleased with what they had to say about her but a note to Rush, start talking to your teachers and don't rush a project. Together we can do this!

Bug is darn near finished his "Come Read With Me" program at the school; he has really been enjoying it because daddy has been able to make it each Thursday. He has also taken it upon himself to practice drums every day at our house.

Jellybean is anxiously looking forward to her birthday and is planning a bowling party for her, Bug and 4 of her friends. We are all ready on a countdown. I can tell you there are 18 days left until she turns 7 years old.

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