Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's an exciting week!

Jellybean is on the countdown to her birthday. She wanted a bowling party this time so she was very limited to who she could invite; as it is pretty expensive to do as a party. She could invite 4 friends and those spots were quickly filled up by her "fiance", 2 best friends from school and long time friend, Simon. The wish list went on for ever of who she would like to invite if she could invite just one more...unfortunately we had to be the bad guys and tell her not this time since she had insisted on the bowling party. Next year I can expect an "at home" party so she can invite all of these other friends.

I have a Strawberry Shortcake ordered from Safeway & when I called to see if they had that I realized I should probably specify the character so she didn't wind up with some cheepo version of strawberry shortcake. You know the white cake with strawberry glaze; the total disappointment compared to authentic biscuit type strawberry shortcake.

The juice boxes (veggie with fruit juices) are bought for the treat bags as are the fruitbites that I found in the snack aisle...a couple more healthy things and the bags will be complete.

Her birthday is not until next Monday so I don't have to worry yet about filling balloons and making cupcakes for her to take to school for another week yet but it is on the list of things to do. It's always exciting when you are a kid to have a birthday. I'm not getting that same excitment from Bill who will be turning 39.1 the Tuesday after Jellybean's.

By the way, 39.1 is geeknerd for I am turning 40.

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