Saturday, October 20, 2007

This and That.

I apologize for being such a slacker but I have been consumed a fair bit by Chemistry and, frankly, Facebook and its evil Scrabble game.

Our children have been tickling our funny bones with their insight and wisdom regarding life and the world we live in.

Jellybean has informed us that Bug has to change the name of his favorite lunch time sandwich. Apparenly it is not right for a boy to eat girl cheese sandwiches and when he has one it has to become a boy cheese sandwich.

We have also discovered a new species of animal thanks to Jellybean. Surprisingly it was discovered by Grandma and Pa while Jellybean was getting ready to come home from school and was the absolute, very last kid out of her door. They discovered a snertle! This bizzare little creature is a cross between a snail and a turtle and boy is she ever cute. However, she does not like the name she has been given and protests when you call her by Snertle. Jellybean prefers to be called by her given name.

We have been made aware that Rush has her first boyfriend. I think I felt my health deteriorate by about 20 years when she finally confessed to it. I don't know if I am exactly prepared for this but at least we know and we are not being tricked about it anymore and we can monitor the situation and ensure that there is proper and adequate supervision.

Bug is going truck driving right now with his dad. They are hauling gravel to help a friend and Bug has been so excited. He barely jumped out of bed beofre he was asking when they got to go and he was after me to make him truck driver snacks to take. This meant that we had to phone Pa to see what truck drivers took as snacks. In leiu of coffee he took juice but he took a sandwich like Pa said (I don't think though that Pa takes peanut butter and grape jelly), granola bar, some fruit and a yogurt. I think Pa would be proud of that truckdriver and his snacks. With the sharing of snacking wisdom Pa gave Bug a little bit of a tip as well. "Tell Bug to have a good day and to keep the shiny side up."

Bug and Jellybean are especially enjoying the new Dustin Smith cd we picked up. They are sure to be singing their absolute loudest on song #1..."We will shout it from the mountains, shout are Lord." It is very cute to watch Bug try to rock out this song while he "plays" his guitar along with it.

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Marc said...

They have scrabble on Facebook now too? Wow. Evil Facebook.