Friday, November 27, 2009


Jellybean was playing a bit of Wii boxing last night. Here is what I heard during her match.

Oh! Yeah! You want a piece of me? You want a piece of the birthday girl?

C'mon! How do you like that? And that? How 'bout that?

Huh? Is that making you hungry?

You wanna knuckle samich?

Huh? You hungry? I can give it to ya!

You likin' that?

I'm not even breakin' a sweat here! You're probably tellin' your friends I'm a pro. Heh, bro! Take it!

You can't take down the birthday girl!

I'm all over this thang! Oh yeah, that's right. Take that! Gettin' beat by a girl!


and that's a knockout!


Oh yeah, people, she is fiesty!


Writing Works said...

What's going on in your world?? You haven't blogged for a while!!!

My Heart said...
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brooke lynn said...

love it!