Saturday, July 05, 2008

What was I thinking!?!

We began our Family Camp on Wednesday and that included people going on adventures on the 3 seater tube that the church purchased. Rush said it was the funnest, most scariest thing she had ever done (her is out). I, on the other hand, chose life and did not want to go on it especially since I don't swim at all and have a paralyzing fear of water any deeper than my hips.
Yesterday they convinced me to go on the tube...well, Char did! She went with me and BigB said he would take it easy on us.

He lied!!!
(Not intentionally but still...)
Another boat came along and decided to "help" us out and began creating some nice waves for us. (By nice I mean incredibly evil, horrible, life threatening waves.)
Char fell off which left our tube unbalanced as we (meaning me) bounced over these waves. The moment the tube hit the water it was being thrown through the air again which means I hadn't even gotten my butt back on the tube and we were once again airbourn! I hung on for dear life but, alas, it was of no use.

I hit the tube for a brief moment with my butt before I was hurled through the air backwards over the tube. I was told by everyone who saw that I was thrown apporximately 10 feet into the air (get this picture) while doing my backwards sommersault. When I hit the water (which hurt a lot by the way) I went under so far that BigB said I probably could have stretched out my toe and touched the bottom of the lake ( I think we were only about 8-10 feet deep at that point.); when I opened my eyes, still under water, all I saw was greeny murkiness and I thought I was going to die. Yes, I had a life jacket on but I am so petrified of the water that I figure that my life jacket will be the one be faulty in some manner.
I eventually (sooner than it felt to me) got back to the surface and lay there bobbing in the water, panicking, thinking I was going to die and waited for the boat to come back to get me...Oh happy day!

Believe it or not they managed to get me back on a second time which was uneventful...minus the tears and screaming...LOL!
Here are a few shots. Unfortunately we didn't get the mid-air'll have to use your imagination on that one.
Uh, yeah. I am so brave; we hadn't even left the shore

This was a genuine scream, unlike the joking one from above where we hadn't even left the shore...

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P.J. said...

Sounds like quite the adventure!! Glad it was fun. I would have done pretty much anything to see you hurling through the air! :)