Friday, May 14, 2010

Funny stuff from kids

Well, only two funny things. One from each child.

Jellybean said something that struck my funny bone last week. As we drove past a vietnamese restaurant she asked me if vitaminese people eat french fries. Once I stopped laughing, I told her that I am sure they do.

Yesterday Bug's teacher told me his response to playing outside at recess during the warm weather...

I am so hot!

(she touches his forehead)You are hot.

I'm so hot even my armpits are hot!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Lots of changes.

I'm making this quick. I have lots to do.

We're moving.

After 10 years in this house the landlord has raised the rent tremendously.

June 1 marks a new beginning for us in a {much} smaller but beautiful place - the townhouses the church has been renovating. I am looking forward to a fresh start.

Not looking forward to having to give up our family pet of ten years. Yes, we are needing to find a home for Jewel. {this is where I beg any of you to take her or to convince your neighbor or someone else you know} to take her. I know you want to.
She comes with all the stuff you {or your friend} needs to care for her - except maybe food, depending on when she is picked up. We are running low on food and we will only be picking it up on a can by can basis now.

I don't want to have to take her to the SPCA. This is hard enough.

{Yes, I realize that I have been a terrible blogger the past few months. Yes, I realize some of you may have given up on me...}

Monday, March 22, 2010

been a while

There's been lots of changes in my life, changes in priorities, in focus, etc. I am going to do my best to get on here a bit more - keep you up-to-date and all but I am not making many promises. grin.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Auto Glass Repair Man

Hi, Yes, it is I, the lady whose car you have at your shop. You know, the one who was told to be home at a quarter to one to ensure I was home for you to pick up my vehicle? The one who needed to take an hour off work to be home in time for that one o'clock pick up? Yeah, that one.

Well, one o'clock came and went and there was no sign of you so I called my husband, who is working about 5 hours away right now to make sure I had the right time and to double check that I had the right day. Um, I did. You didn't show up. My husband called you at 1:15, and you said you were on your way. I am thinking that you need to get your GPS checked or replaced as I know where your shop is and I know where it is in conjunction with my house and there is no way it should take one and a half hours to get from there to here. Um, now that I mention it, it only takes 15 minutes to get from one side of this town to the other and THAT, sir is if you hit every red light along the way.

I know you don't really care but I do have a lot of things to do as a mom and there are a great many of them that involve me needing my car and that don't involve me sitting at home waiting 2 hours for you to come. I have now had to recruit my father to pick up the little boy from my house, take him to the school so he can be reunited with his mother and so he can pick up my daughter. I realize that lunch is the most important meal of the day. Oh, it's not? That would be breakfast? Then, sir, I don't understand why our one o'clock "right after lunch" appointment has been detained for so long. I certainly hope it wasn't because you had to send your steak sandwich back because it was over-done, tough and chewy, and all your little garage friends had all ready eaten and you were still waiting for yours and when it came you had to eat all by yourself while your friends stared at you because they were all done. (Excuse me while I pause to breathe after that incredibly long, run-on sentence.)

Sir, I appreciate the fact that you did eventually show up, looking like a grease monkey. (Oh wait, you kind of are, except you work with glass not oil and the like so how, pray tell, did you get that filthy?) I know my car doesn't look like much, especially with that whole back window thing happening but I am really hoping that you put down one of those seat protector paper thingys. (Don't look at me like I am stupid. You know what I mean.) This car carries very precious cargo; it carries my kids to and from school and the food I feed them from the store to my house; it also transports us, dressed in the finest we have, to church. Please take care of it and try to keep it clean.

Oh, just so I know, the whole 5:00 ready thing? Yeah, is that still a go, since the whole 1:00 pick up thing was delayed by almost 2 hours? I would hate to pack up my kids, bother my dad for yet another ride today, get to your shop to find out that someone brought doughnuts for coffee time and your coffee order was messed up. I'd hate for that to have happened to you.

Just out of curiosity, you don't happen to be related to the cable guy or the phone man? No? Oh, no reason; just wondering.

By the way, I do appreciate you fixing my car. These Canadian winters can be tough and, while it is certainly beautiful now, I know that winter will rear its 'ooglay' head again so, having a glass barrier between it and us will be really swell.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

With Age Comes Wisdom

Words of the aged came from Jellybean's mouth this morning as she spoke to her brother...

Let me recount this incredibly wise {and cute} conversation went.

Jellybean to Bug: (as she was vaccuming) Bug, let me tell you something that I learned when I was like 7 or younger. The vaccum is too small to suck you up. It can't eat you so don't worry; you are too big.

Isn't it great when siblings share knowledge like that?

I know it warmed my heart.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Jellybean was playing a bit of Wii boxing last night. Here is what I heard during her match.

Oh! Yeah! You want a piece of me? You want a piece of the birthday girl?

C'mon! How do you like that? And that? How 'bout that?

Huh? Is that making you hungry?

You wanna knuckle samich?

Huh? You hungry? I can give it to ya!

You likin' that?

I'm not even breakin' a sweat here! You're probably tellin' your friends I'm a pro. Heh, bro! Take it!

You can't take down the birthday girl!

I'm all over this thang! Oh yeah, that's right. Take that! Gettin' beat by a girl!


and that's a knockout!


Oh yeah, people, she is fiesty!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gimme a Break (and no I am not referring to a Kit Kat bar)

Yesterday, at school Bug was pushed while playing - nothing mean or vindictive, just pushed. He hurt his arm. I wondered back and forth about taking him in and eventually decided it best to double check.

The doctor figured it was fractured or had a fracture called "green stick". We didn't make it to radiology in time for them to check it last night so off we went this morning.

And now, for the rest of the story...

I just got back from our appointments with Radiology, the doctor and the Cast Technician, Boris.

(yesterday after picking Bug up from my friend's house after work - pre doctor)

Bug has definitely broken his arm - his radius to be precise. Apparently the bone is at a 5 to 10 degree elevation from where it should be and we need to go to the Cast Clinic on Thursday to see the Orthopedic Surgeon to see if "manipulation" of the bone is required.

(Waiting at the walk-in clinic yesterday with his pink panther)

He will be casted then. For now, he has a brace on the arm and a sling to keep it stable.

(Trying to figure out the best way to support his arm during the night. This attempt was a fail.)

(Apparently, this way was the most comfortable for the little man.)

(The temporary "fix" until we see the surgeon to rule out the need for surgery on Thursday morning.)